Conference for Food Protection Recommendations to FDA

During the Conference for Food Protection’s (CFP’s) Biennial Meeting, Issues are submitted for vetting and then approved by the Assembly of State Delegates.

Within 45 days of the conference, these recommendations, which often suggest changes to the Food Code and its Annexes, are sent in a letter to FDA. FDA is expected to provide a written response to CFP’s recommendations within 60 days of receipt.

In 2018, CFP sent 25 recommendations that called for changes to the current Food Code and its Annexes. In addition, there were 6 recommendations that seek FDA’s involvement in some way other than changes in the Food Code (e.g., through committees, coordination with other agencies and organizations, or other relevant Issues). View the letter sent to FDA by Conference Chair David Lawrence here, and view FDA’s response letter from Dr. Susan Mayne, Director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at the FDA here.

Issues submitted for the 2018 Biennial Meeting are available here, and Final Issue Recommendations with Assembly of State Delegates Actions are available here.


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