Examining Whether the Health-In-All-Policies Approach Promotes Health Equity

A new article in Health Affairs examines whether the health-in-all-policies approach promotes health equity. Here is the abstract:

“Scholars and public health advocates have expressed optimism about the potential for the health-in-all-policies approach to address social disparities in health, but little research has been done on whether it promotes health equity in practice. Based on sixty-five in-depth interviews with US officials in the public and private sectors conducted in five states in 2016–17, we found a relationship between the use of the approach and the prominence of health equity as a policy concern. In emphasizing the social determinants of health, the approach gives public officials and policy entrepreneurs a framework for promoting this goal. In some areas, we found a gradual transition in focus from health generally to health equity. Overall, we found that practitioners of the approach introduce equity selectively and strategically.”

Access the full article here.

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